Heatherlee shares stories about motherhood: the good the bad and the messy!

To cuddle or not to cuddle

A conversation came up today about cuddling babies. More specifically it was about when babies “put on a show” to try to be held. Because babies love to be held, and they figure out early on that crying (and other means of fussing) usually makes mom, dad and the grandparents fall prey to the cuddle fest. 

To me, that’s perfectly ...

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Calling all doulas!

I’m doing informational interviews with doulas all over the world. Are you a doula who's willing to talk to me for 30-60 minutes (in person or via Skype). Here’s what I want to learn..

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What is it? Who's it for? - The Fearless Goddess Collection

It's about to hit shelves!  How many people are walking around looking for that perfect gift for that great girl in their life? Will people see it and appreciate this physical way to tell someone, HEY, YOU ARE A GODDESS. Wear this bracelet and remember how awesome you are. To say without saying, I found this and thought of you. You need to know you're an inspiration! I hope so.

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Kids + Mindfulness // A flower funeral (activity)

Who says teaching kids about mindfulness has to be so.. boring?

Get creative. Meditation can take so many forms. I find myself constantly coming up with new ways to bring mindfulness into our home. I posted this kid approved activity below on my Instagram. Hope it inspires something new in your home!

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911 reflection // "They can't take that freedom from us."

I recently visited NYC with my 6 year old, what an emotional time to be there. As we visited Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the 911 Memorial, and Fearless Girl I realized there's so much I want to explain to him about our family's history in America.

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