The Fearless Goddess Collection

Sold exclusively at Healing Elements in Saint Paul, MN, Heatherlee highlights the unique qualities of her bracelet creations and why having that local connection means so much to her.

What makes the collection..


unique beads..  
Signature goddess beads reminiscent of Venus of Willendorf. Many beads in the collection are from other jewelry artisans and are sourced responsibly, from mother earth herself- made of coconut, camel bone, eucalyptus, olive tree, clay, stone, sea glass & fish bone. They were hand crafted in Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, India & Palestine.

handmade bags..  
Upcycled coffee bean burlaps donated by local roaster Peace Coffee, each hand sewn by Heatherlee.

giftable cards..  
Mind Body Soul pocket poems made with eco- friendly papers & inks. Write a message to be cut out & carried. Be inspired with new poems every season.


Bracelets breaking barriers


My Fearless Goddess collection features beads that symbolize and celebrate sacred geometry, female empowerment, ethnicity and the mind, body, soul connection.

I started turning my hobby into opportunity when I realized people kept commenting on the bracelets I wore. I really got into the mother / goddess bracelets and began promoting them as midwife and doula gifts on Etsy. (I even gave one to Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein last year! But I'll save that for a blog post :)

The goddess beads became a signature and a symbol of my deepening growth as a woman and mom. They were also an homage to all the fierce women around me.

Making it a gift!


When I give bracelets away the 'feel good' vibe is shared by both parties. As a giver (and the creator) I feel joy. As the wearer they feel beautiful.

Since the collection is debuting in fall I wanted to create this gifting sentiment for Healing Elements. Buyers can choose to make it a gift!

The gift bundle includes "Everyday Goddess" Mind Body Soul cards (and pocket poems). Each card carries a new soulful message promoting positivity and female empowerment on the back. 


Recipients can cut it out to carry with them, give it away and collect them with the seasons. Buyers are encouraged to write their own personal message on the inside, letting this special person know just how amazing they are!


The bracelet and the card fit nicely into the hand crafted burlap bag hand sewn by yours truly. 

Social responsibility


I'll be using upcycled burlap coffee bags from Peace Coffee and pretty patterns to create that extra, local touch I know you love.

All the printing for the cards is done through Paper Culture. They plant a tree with each order and use responsibly sourced materials. I personally love that they have partnerships with global orgs like Friends of the Urban Forest, Our City Forest, and Trees for the Future.

As my brand grows I'll find more ways to do more with less, too. This is just the beginning! To get your Fearless Goddess gift bundle visit Healing Elements Wellness this November.